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How important are dates (khajur) for men’s health

How important are dates (khajur) for men's health

How important are dates (khajur) for men's health

Dates are the fruits of deserts, itoriginates frommiddle eastern countries, especially in Iran and Egypt, where it was extensively used for wine production.Its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera, it is extremely sweet in taste with dark brown in colour.Mostly consumed raw but it is used in rice dishes to enhance its richness. Currently, you could get a packet of dates almost anywhere in the world.But men should not care only about its taste, instead,its benefits are numerous that every man should definitely take dates in whatever way possible. Let’s check them out:

Low cholesterol

In the era when youngsters are dependent on burgers, French fries,and sandwiches, it is almost rare to find something to eat which is low in cholesterol. And Dates are one such item that contains zero cholesterol. Hence, if you are on a diet with the mission to unload some weight then dates must be a part of your meal.

Improves immunity

The immune system is the first line of defence of the body, that protects us from dangerous antigens. A good immune system can protect you from as much greater viruses, bacteria or antigens. Men with low immune system get affected by infections, cold, and cough all the time.

If such is your case, then you can try dates as they are a rich source of antioxidants.Antioxidants are beneficial in fighting the free radicals responsible forfaster ageing, aching, rashes etc. Some of the major antioxidants in dates are carotenoids, phenolic acid and flavonoids, each having its purpose.

Healthy bones

You may be glad to know that dates may help you in keeping bones healthy. This is because of the extensive richness of nutrients in dates, such as copper, magnesium and selenium.These nutrients ensure strong bones by increasing bone density. Once you enter the 40s the bone density tends to decrease making you vulnerable to joint pains and fractures evenwith slight physical force.This is why doctorsadvisemen with osteoporosis to consume dates.

Enhances the functioning of the brain

The central processing unit or the brain manages every activity of the body.Hence, before ensuring the good health of any other organ, you must take care of your brain. Dates contain Vitamin B and choline that is vital for learning and memorizing power. Dates have the ability to suppress the chances of Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the formation of plaque andinflammation.

But do not have childlike intellect while reading this portion because many people gather expectations that they would become James bond by eating few dates.

Good for digestion

If your gut is in a bad mood for some time and you either used medications but still have not had much improvement or thinking to use some pills then first try using dates, they might help. Dates are rich in fibre with 8% fibre content. For smooth bowels, you need to eat natural fibres that make the stool moisture rich allowing it to pass smoothly through the intestinal tract.

For the same purpose, people use laxatives to achieve smooth bowels. They indeed are effective, there’s no doubt about it, but there is also the chance of side effects like itching, inflammation, headache etc. Why put those chemicals in your body when delicious dates can do them too?

Aids in maintaining sugar levels in the blood

You may find this intriguing but actually, it is true. Dates despite being sweet works to reduce the presence of sugar in the blood. Dates have been found to increase the secretion of insulin by the pancreas. Hence, do not wait if you have assumptions about high sugar levels in your blood.

Good for skin

Everyone wants clear and glowing skin with zero scars. Though total glow is not guaranteed but still your diet major change your face. Dates contain Vitamin C and Vitamin D that prevent wrinkles from appearing on your face.This does not mean that you would never get wrinkles, definitely you will also age, but the ageing process may get delayed. It prevents the darkness of the skin by restricting melanin from accumulating in a region.

Good for heart

A better heart does not ensurethe prevention ofheartbreaks but it definitely ensures good metabolism and optimum blood circulation. The antioxidants in dates act as a barrier that restrictsthe production of atherosclerosis. Nowadays heart issues are becoming commonhence, if dates may provide some relief, then what’s the issue?It’s much better than eating Fildena 100 and Vidalista 60.

Improves sexual health

Your performance in bed could increase with dates you used to find useless till now. They improve stamina which could help you last longer and increase the sperm count as well. So, no need to use Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 150 from because dates too can do the same job for you without any worry of side effects.

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